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Website development


In today’s business environment and to beat the competition large or small companies definitely need to develop a good website.

We know how to build websites that engage visitors and cause them to pick up the phone or send you an email.

Our designs are clean, stylish, professional and most importantly, effective.

Do you have an ongoing need for regular website maintenance but no time or desire to do it yourself?

Let Expy Multimedia maintain your website on a pay as you go basis or monthly contracts depending on your maintenance needs.

You can request a quote for your specific website.


SEO & Online Marketing


With so many small businesses competing for customers, getting the most out of your marketing budget is key. Consumers today are searching on the Internet for your business.

Social Media Strategy


Together, social media channels and your website should work seamlessly to promote your online brand. A visitor that finds your website might like the products or services that you offer, but might not need them just yet. Instead of relying on them to hopefully bookmark your website and remember to return at another time when they are in need of your services, having them add you to their social network can help you stay relevant.

Establishing your presence socially can be a great boon for enhancing your brand and drawing links to your website. The concept of reaching out to the world via social web and media is becoming more important with each passing day. Don’t miss out on this important opportunity.

That’s why Social media continues to grow in popularity.  People have the desire to share everything online and sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter give them the platform to do it.

Website Maintenance


We set out to make website maintenance simple, and that’s exactly what we did! Our team of experienced webmasters make daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly changes to your website when you request them. It’s the ideal service for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporations!

Expy Multimedia can tailor one of the following website maintenance solutions to fit your organization’s needs:

  • Content Management Systems

Content management systems ensure that the design and branding of the website remain intact and that the content of the website can be easily updated by website owners—no programming required.

  • Website Maintenance Contracts

Website maintenance contracts are best suited for websites that require sophisticated or frequent updates.  A website maintenance contract usually includes a certain amount of time each month for a predetermined level of service that Expy Multimedia dedicates to the updating and maintaining of your website.

  • As-Needed Website Maintenance

As-needed website maintenance works best for websites that only need updating infrequently. As updates to your website are needed, Expy Multimedia will work with you to ensure that your website updates are made professionally and in a timely fashion.

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how Expy Multimedia can help you with your website maintenance needs.

Submit changes 24/7 by email.

Website changes are made within 48hrs

Pay as you go or sign up for a discounted monthly plan.


Blog Design


Search engines favour websites that are updated on a regular basis. They also favour sites that have a lot of keyword-rich content.  Integrating a blog into your company’s website is a great way to do both easily.  In fact, websites with blogs generate 55% more traffic than websites without blogs. They also generate 97% more inbound links than non-blogging sites.  And, sites with active blogs have 434% more indexed pages.*

Each Blog Post Can Focus on Specific Keywords

With each blog post, you are able to focus on specific keywords and include them in the post’s headline, the body of the post, and the post’s tags. You can also add meta tag info to each post.  Including such keyword rich content on your site over time will help it to rise up in the rankings organically (free).

A Blog Positions Your Company as an Expert

Beyond search engine optimization, business blogs give you an opportunity to humanize the company by providing direct access to the company leaders and management.  It also provides an authoritative voice for the company and positions you as a leader in your field.

Customers & Prospects Can Subscribe to the Blog — Keeping You in Front of Them

Visitors to the site can subscribe to receive new blog posts via a RSS reader or by email. This is a great way to keep in front of customers, build trust with prospects, and extend your company’s reach.



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