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American Visa Lottery

Expy Multimedia offers an affordable and extremely reliable American Visa Program. We let individuals and families realize their dreams of living and working in the United States.

Why Use EXPY MULTIMEDIA LTD to summit your America Visa Lottery Application?
First of all, the US government does not charge any fees for entry into the Diversity Visa Lottery. That is why a great number of people lost their chances to win because they didn’t submit their application correctly.

We charge a modest service fee, and work closely with our clients to make sure they have 100% correct applications, and there is no possibility they can be disqualified. If you really want to immigrate to the US, we give you the best possible chances.

After you complete the American Visa Lottery application form, we personally review your application for strict compliance with US Department of state guidelines. If your application requires additional attention we will notify you through SMS or by e-mail.

We personally use Digital camera to take your picture, after we receive your application form and photographs, we again review your application and photographs for accuracy, completeness and compliance with all legal guidelines.

For people outside Abeokuta, send your pictures through e-mail and we will adjust your photos to the needed specifications (size, weight), however we CANNOT fix photos which come in very poor quality, very small sizes or the wrong background or have face or head covers. Please submit photos in the highest possible quality. It is important that background of the photo is white. Click the sample image to get more information on how to e-mail us your Digital Photo and fee for our photo review and correction services.


We carefully assemble your error-free application and photographs and submit them in an electronic format.

Expy Multimedia guarantees that your application will be error-free and submitted on time.

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